Expedited Review

 Expedited Review:

Type of Research Qualifying for Expedited Review:

In research studies qualifying for expedited review, human subjects incur no more than minimal risk. Special abbreviated consent form formats are available for tissue collections that meet criteria for expedited review. The decision to approve projects submitted for expedited review will be made by the Chair of the IRB, or his/her designee, and two additional member of the review board. Research activities that may qualify for expedited review are:

1. Certain kinds of research on drugs and devices;

2. Collecting blood by stick or venipuncture with limits for age, health status; etc.

3. The prospective collection of specimens for research purposes by non‑invasive means;

4. Data collected through non‑invasive means (not involving general anaesthesia or sedation) routinely employed in clinical practice, excluding X‑rays and microwaves;

5. Materials that have been collected solely for non-research purposes;