IRB Review Category

  • IRB Review Categories
         IRB Review Categories:   There are three levels of IRB evaluation that a research study may undergo, depending on the level of risk to human subjects. These levels are: Full Board (convened) review, Exempt review and Expedited IRB review. Note:      The level of evaluation can only be determined by ..
  • When is IRB Required?
      When is IRB Review Required? All proposed research that involves: (1) Intervention or interaction with human subjects, tissues/specimens from humans). (2) The collection of identifiable private data on living individuals, or surveys of human subjects. [and/or] (3) Data analysis of identifiable private information on living individuals ..
  • Vulnerable Populations
      Who are considered "vulnerable subjects"? People who are especially susceptible to coercion or undue influence are considered vulnerable subjects. They may include §   Individuals diagnosed with significant mental illness, cognitive impairment, or physical disability (What if my research involves peo ..