Finance department

About the department (a brief description of the department)

 The financial department in the hospital is the executive body responsible for all financial work in the hospital and is responsible for collecting and collecting its money and paying its financial obligations in accordance with the hospital law and its regulations, instructions and decisions issued pursuant to it, which take into account the recognized accounting principles in proportion to the nature of work in the hospital .

Department goals

  •  Preparing hospital accounts and preserving its funds in accordance with the hospital’s laws, regulations, instructions and accounting standards
  •  Department sections
  •  Department of Revenue and Patient Accounting
  •  Department of medical expenses and fees
  •  Payroll Department
  •  Department of Management Accounting
  •  Claims and Collection Department

Service recipient

 Employees, patients, supplier companies, and insurance agencies contracting with the hospital, such as the Royal Court, the Cabinet, the Ministry of Health, universities ... and other official institutions

The department completed tasks

 Preparing the annual budget, preparing the financial claims, sending them to the insurance authorities, following up their collection, receiving, recording and disbursing the bid invoices, making the necessary financial restrictions and preparing salaries month by month.

contact information 

 Department manager 

 Mr. Walid Alawneh 

 Tel: 027200600 

 Sub: 45013

ISO 9001
ISO 22000