Supplies department

About the department (a brief description of the department)

 The Supplies Department handles the following responsibilities and tasks

  •  Providing supplies to the hospital, inspecting them, receiving them, registering them, coding them, storing them, coordinating them in their warehouses, insuring them, maintaining them, inventing them, supervising them and disbursing them, and monitoring the stock and its validity in accordance with the provisions of the Government Procurement System No. (28) of 2019.
  •  Contact the sources of supply of supplies inside and outside the Kingdom, and provide the procurement committees or other authorities concerned with purchasing supplies in the hospital with the information they have on those sources.
  •  Determining the annual needs of the hospital departments since the beginning of the year, taking into account the financial conditions of the hospital, and following all possible means according to the instructions to provide the hospital with the necessary supplies to ensure the progress of work.

Department goals

  •  Maintaining the availability of the hospital's needs in terms of medical and non-medical supplies and equipment, according to consumption rates.
  •  Providing the necessary equipment and supplies for expansion and modernization projects.
  •  Hospital purchases are exempt from general sales tax and customs fees.
  •  Disposal of unused and out of service devices.
  •  Disposing of all invalid equipment.
  •  Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the employees in the department.

Sections and divisions of the department

 Warehouse department

  •  Medical Warehouse Division
  •  Non-medical warehouse division
  •  Warehouse sub division
  •  Custody Division

 Receiving and Payment Division

  •  Procurement Section
  •  Subsidiary Procurement Division
  •  Local Procurement Division

 Department of follow-up, audit and customs clearance

  •  Follow-up Division
  •  Audit Division - supplies

Service recipient

  •  Suppliers (domestic, overseas)
  •  Departments and departments of the hospital
  •  Governmental institutions and departments
  •  Private sector companies and institutions

The department completed tasks

  •  Exemption of hospital purchases from customs duties and general sales tax.
  •  Implementing an archiving system for supplies and mail transactions, which resulted in reduced consumption of paper and inks.
  •  Activate the correspondence electronically with the Customs Department and submit exemption recommendations to the global ESYCUDA system.
  •  Replacing stagnant and expired materials and reducing the size of stock in order to increase the financial strength of the hospital.
  •  Computerization of maintenance services, repair and construction services wages.
  •  Activating the website of the procurement department and announcing the tenders.
  •  Expanding external purchases and obtaining preferential rates.
  •  Raise the efficiency of workers through an approved annual training plan.

contact info

supplies department Manager :

Mr. Sufian Al-Quraan

phone: 027200600


ISO 9001
ISO 22000