Services department

The department works to ensure that the hospital is fed with water, electric current and medical gases, to keep medical and non-medical equipment and systems, and public facilities operating and duly maintained, and to provide a safe work environment by maintaining alarm systems and effectively fighting fire. The department also prepares meals for patients, workers, and students. And visitors and provide cleaning services for all internal and external hospital facilities through the following departments and divisions: -

Department of Operation and Maintenance

 The department provides operating services for non-medical systems and devices, and maintenance of non-medical devices through the following divisions: -

  •  Electricity Division
  •  Division of Mechanics
  •  Medical Gas Division
  •  Civil Works Division
  •  Division of Planning and Follow-up
  •  Division of elevators

Department of Medical Devices

 The department is concerned with maintaining the proper functioning of medical devices through the implementation of preventive maintenance programs, calibration and emergency maintenance, and contributing to the development of technical specifications through:

  •  Maintenance and Calibration Division
  •  Division of Specifications and Receipt

Department of General Services

 The department provides movement services, maintaining the cleanliness of the hospital, providing a safe work environment for employees, patients and all visitors to the hospital, and it contains the following divisions:

  •  Movement Division
  •  Housekeeping Division

Nutrition department

 The department provides preventive and curative food services and high-quality meals through the application of food safety standards according to the requirements of the international quality standards obtained (HACCP) and specification (ISO 22000: 2018).

  •  Food Production Division
  •  Food Services Division
  •  Patient Nutrition Division
  •  Division of Clinical Nutrition

Department of Public Safety

 It is concerned with the application of policies and procedures to protect lives, property and the surrounding environment from the effects resulting from biological, physical and chemical hazards, and the department includes the following divisions:

  •  Public Safety Division
  •  Environmental Health Division
  •  Water Treatment Division
  •  Department achievements
  •  Training (3621) trainees (students, new employees, trainees).
  •  Installing a device for sterilizing medical waste and converting it into household waste.
  •  Installing (6) electricity generators in place of the university's backup emergency generators.
  •  Installing a liquid medical oxygen tank with a capacity of (12) tons in order to increase the strategic reserve.
  •  Continuing energy saving measures by installing (5000) LED lights.
  •  Installing a mammogram device in the radiology department.
  •  Constructing a building for the Movement Division with an area of (250) square meters and equipping a station for washing the hospital’s cars.
  •  Installing a device for sterilizing medical waste and converting it into household waste.
  •  Completion of (17531) maintenance requests and (2743) calibration of medical devices.
  •  Execution of (6213) movement requests.
  •  Providing (831796) meals for patients, employees, students and visitors.
  •  Renewal of the food safety standard certificate: 2018 ISO 22000 New version for a period of (3) years from the date of 12/13/2019.
  •  Conducting (8811) nutritional education and (5220) nutritional re-evaluation and (4259) nutritional evaluation for inpatients on the computerized system and (50) outpatients.
  •  Collection and transportation of approximately (1500) tons of household waste.
  •  Installing a water hardness removal device with an operating capacity of about (700) m3.
  •  A mock evacuation exercise.

The committees in which the services department participates


Name of the committee


Name of the committee


لجنة السلامة العامة


لجنة الاشراف على اعداد ومتابعة الخطة الاستراتيجية


لجنة ضبط العدوى


لجنة زراعة الاعضاء


لجنة سلامة الغذاء


لجنة اعداد التقرير السنوي للمستشفى


لجنة العطاءات المركزية


لجنة الاشراف والمتابعه لإنشاء مركز العلاج بالاشعه


لجنة الاشغال الفرعية


لجنة متابعة كفتيريا المعجنات والبقالة


لجنة الشكاوي ورضى العملاء


لجان الاستلام


لجنة الجودة المركزية


لجان التدقيق الداخلي


لجنة مكافحة التدخين


لجنة رفع نسبة رضى العملاء


لجنة اعتماد المعايير الدولية والمحلية



Future projects and aspirations for the Services Department

  •  Rehabilitation and expansion of the fire alarm system.
  •  Increasing the capacity of parking spaces.
  •  Expansion of the dialysis unit and critical care units.
  •  Installing a hospital facility waste disposal system (CHUTE SYSTEM).
  •  A new nursing calling system was installed on the fifth floor.
  •  Implementation of the third stage of modernization of kitchen appliances

contact information 

Service Department Manager :

Eng. Ayman Obeidat 

phone: 027200600


ISO 9001
ISO 22000