Nursing department

About the department (a brief description of the department)

 The Nursing Department plays a vital and important role in providing comprehensive and safe health care to patients with high quality, the department includes many nursing departments that provide various services by highly qualified cadres who work together as one team to provide health services, and in terms of development, training and organization, the department works on organizing courses And seminars and conferences specialized in nursing also organize and follow up the training process for nursing students within the nursing departments, in addition to that they train and qualify nurses from other Arab countries.

Department goals

  •  Continuity in exerting utmost efforts to improve the provision of high-quality health service through qualified nursing staff in line with the professional standards of nursing.
  •  Program development of strategies, goals, policies, standards of care and adherence to professional nursing standards
  •  Continuing to provide and develop nursing educational programs of the highest standards.
  •  Sections and divisions of the department
  •  Department of Pediatric Nursing / General Pediatric Nursing Division Nursery Nursing Division Division of Prematurity Nursing Division Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing Division Pediatric Surgery Nursing
  •  Department of Internal Nursing / Division of Oncology Nursing Division of Internal Nursing First Class (B 10) Division of Internal Nursing First Class (D 9) Division of Internal Nursing Men Division of Internal Nursing Women Division of Hemodialysis Nursing Division of Mental Health Nursing Division of Chemotherapy Nursing
  •  Department of Surgery Nursing / Division of Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology and Orthopedic Nursing Division of Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology and Orthopedics (C 6) Division of Day-Surgery Nursing Division of Surgery Nursing Special Degree Division of Surgery Nursing Special Degree (B 5) Division of Surgery Nursing Special Degree (D 6) Division of Surgery Nursing Special Degree (B 6) General Men's Surgery Nursing Division General Women's Surgical Nursing Division

Service recipient

 Inpatient, outpatient and emergency reviewer, staff, regular and irregular students

The department completed tasks

  •  Many specialized courses, workshops, seminars and lectures were held with the participation of a group of distinguished lecturers
  •  Many training programs for the local community, schools, factories, kindergartens were held, in addition to programs for health care providers.
  •  Several courses of basic and advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation were held for all direct health care providers from inside and outside the hospital
  •  Awareness educational campaigns were carried out in various locations in the north of the Kingdom
  •  Expanding the scope of training to include other hospitals and universities in the Kingdom
  •  The indicators for the nursing department were developed and modified, each according to his specialization.
  •  Formation of the technical committee, each according to his specialization (the technical committee for the operations department, for the external treatment and cardiac catheterization department, for the closed and emergency units, for the children and women department, for the surgery and abdominal departments).
  •  The committees were formed, including (the Administrative Committee, the Quality and Occupational Safety Committee, the Continuing Education Committee, the Scientific Research Committee, the Infection Control Committee, the Initiatives and Voluntary Work Committee, and the Administrative Advisory Committee).
  •  A survey study was conducted to calculate the incidence of clinical ulcers inside the hospital and compare it with the previous rate
  •  All laboratory equipment was developed, renovated, and increased in number in the Center for Assisted Reproduction
  •  The ECG and cardiac catheterization machines have been updated
  •  Nursing cadres have been sent to attend a course in programming cardiac pacemakers.
  •  Fourteen cases were prepared for transplantation and kidney transplantation, and two of these cases were performed
  •  Expanding the work base of the staff in the Division of Psychiatric Behavioral Therapy for the patients of the target group to include pediatric patients in the Psychological Department, organ donation patients, and patients (victims) of domestic violence.
  •  A cadre of two nurses with a training certificate on diabetic foot care was added, and our service expanded to include care related to the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot for inpatients and outpatients.

Contact info

Nursing department manager

Dr. Ibrahim Faouri 

Tel: 027200600 

 sub: 45019

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