Internal Medicine Department

The Department of Internal Medicine is one of the largest departments in the hospital, as it includes a number of competent specialists devoted to caring patients and taking care of their health and satisfactory affairs in various fields of internal medicine. Diagnostic and therapeutic in various fields The number of specialists working in the department is 32 doctors

Subspecialties in the department:

  •  Cardiovascular disease
  •  Thoracic diseases and critical care
  •  Kidney disease
  •  Endocrine diseases and diabetes
  •  Infectious and inflammatory diseases
  •  Rheumatic diseases
  •  Gastroenterology and endoscopy
  •  Dermatophytes
  •  family Medicine
  •  Tumors, blood diseases and palliative care

The department's educational activities

  1.  The department grants a certificate of higher specialization in internal medicine and provides the opportunity for training in this field, as the hospital is considered an accredited center for clinical training to obtain the Jordanian Board and the Arab Board certification in the various specializations it provides.
  1. The resident physician in the specialization program is given the opportunity to interact with patients and learns the best methods in clinical and medical skills and in taking responsibility for the patients he supervises their treatment.
  1.  The specialization program provides a full schedule of lectures and scientific discussions that contribute to the development of the academic talents of doctors and keep them informed of everything new in various cases and the program is keen to teach doctors all the skills and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that take place in the Department of Internal Medicine.

The department's distinguished achievements

 The introduction of fellowship programs in the heart, kidneys, endocrine glands and diabetes, and work is underway to approve the fellowship program in chest diseases and the fellowship program in rheumatic diseases.

 Our associate joined the palliative care speciality , as she is the only one in this specialty in the North.

The department provides an allergy and immunology specialist, as the hospital has the only doctor in the northern region of the Kingdom who carries this specialty

Division of Dermatology

 The department provides medical care in terms of accurate diagnosis and treatment for patients suffering from skin diseases and problems, thanks to the expertise and scientific competencies of the department, material capabilities, and modern equipment, and from these services the following:

  • Dermatological surgery.
  •  Ultraviolet phototherapy unit for treating many skin diseases.
  •  Treating burns and scars with a DERMA ROLLER device or laser
  •  Laser treatment for many diseases such as blood birthmarks and other skin birthmarks.
  •  Minor therapeutic procedures (electrocautery, nitrogen cautery, removal of skin tumors).
  • Facial cosmetic operations (laser peeling for scars and wrinkles, chemical peels, physical peels, and botox injections to treat wrinkles and increase sweating).
  •  Laser hair removal
  •  Laser treatment of rosacea, varicose feet and capillaries
  •  Electrotherapy to increase sweating

Division of Nephrology

 It belongs to the Department of Internal Medicine and is based on three doctors specializing in kidney diseases. The rest of the people participate in training and education for students of the Faculty of Medicine, specialization in internal diseases, and fellowship in kidney diseases.

The beds of the Nephrology Division are distributed in the Department of Internal Medicine and Critical Care which is affiliated with it, and the Division of Nephrology covers 10% -15% of the department's beds, in addition to additional beds in the various hospital departments that cover all aspects of clinical kidney disease and kidney transplantation.

The dialysis unit provides services to more than 65 permanent patients, in addition to hospitalized patients and the units where there are fixed dialysis points in the CCU and ICU units, knowing that the intensive care unit accommodates 16 patients, and dialysis sessions exceed 10 thousand sessions per year, including 15- 20% for hospitalized patients for various reasons.

The unit also performs blood plasma separation for various disease cases, and it is the only unit in the north of the Kingdom

As for kidney transplantation, the specialist doctors within the organ transplantation team prepare and direct supervision and follow-up of patients who undergo kidney transplantation inside or outside the hospital and treat various cases and their ailments.

 And cooperation with Princess Basma Teaching Hospital is carried out to follow up the cases of peritoneal dialysis - the peritoneum - and treat the cases admitted in the internal medicine department and other hospital departments.

Division of Chest Diseases, Critical Care and Sleep Diseases:

 The department provides distinguished medical care from diagnosis and treatment to patients under the supervision of the best consultant doctors who have the highest degrees in their field of specialization, and the division is considered one of the best in the Kingdom in terms of the availability of specialists, nursing staff, medical equipment, sleep laboratory and the latest diagnostic and interventional bronchoscopy devices with the ability to deal with cases Patients with all kinds of patients thanks to the scientific expertise and competencies of the division, with continuous and direct support from thoracic surgery.

The Intensive Care Unit consists of an integrated medical team headed by a doctor specializing in acute care medicine, a carefully selected nursing staff, trained and distinguished by his ability to deal with critical cases with high efficiency, in addition to respiratory therapists trained in dealing with resuscitation and artificial respiration devices, a pharmacist, and a specialist Nutrition, and physiotherapists, in addition to the availability of other medical specialties that may be required by the patient's condition around the clock, as this team is available to monitor the patient's condition and provide him with the highest levels of health care, from the moment he enters the unit until his departure, and as the Intensive Care Unit is considered The hospital is one of the most complete and occupied intensive care units in the Kingdom, and it is also a main reference for many hospitals in the north of the Kingdom, and the number of the unit's beds is 16 beds, and last year it dealt with more than 4000 disease cases, with a high occupancy rate of 100%.

The hospital administration has been keen to continuously develop and provide modern devices such as a portable sonar device, and a mobile X-ray machine for the unit directly linked with computer equipment, in addition to providing the best medical equipment at the highest international quality levels.

ISO 9001
ISO 22000