Information system development

About the department (a brief description of the department)

 The Information Systems Department provides computerized electronic services from ready-made medical, administrative and financial software and applications that are computerized by the department and provides main computer devices, peripherals, printers and their accessories and the infrastructure they need, in addition to providing wired and wireless internal network services, communication services via landline and cell phones, medical records, archiving and preserving Files and the department seeks to provide the best services through its various departments

 Department goals

  •  Finding electronic solutions to help the hospital departments in performing their work efficiently.
  •  Working on the permanence of the electronic programs.
  •  Keeping pace with the continuous development of the information technology sector.
  •  Facilitating the task of researchers in accordance with the regulations, policies and instructions in force in the hospital.
  •  Preparing and providing the requesting bodies with data, information and reports, as determined by the policies and instructions.
  •  Extraction of the required computerized data from entities inside and outside the hospital, as determined by the applicable policies and instructions.
  •  Maintaining the durability of the devices, their accessories and applications.

Sections and divisions of the department

 First: the electronic library

 Second: Department of Programming and Applications

 It includes the following divisions:

  •  Internet Software Division
  •  Database Division
  •  Administrative Applications Division
  •  Division of Studies and Research

 Third: Technical Support and Infrastructure Section.

 It includes the following divisions:

  •  Technical Support Division
  •  Division of Communications
  •  Personal Computer Applications Division
  •  Central Systems and Networks Division

 Fourth: Medical Records Section

 It includes the following divisions:

  •  Division of appointments
  •  Division of Medical Records
  •  Input Division
  •  Division clerks halls
  •  Statistics Division
  •  Archiving Division

 Service recipient

Computerized services are provided to all hospital employees, including medical and administrative staff, and services are provided to patients and visitors and to all hospital partners from ministries, government departments and companies.

The department completed tasks

  •  Development of employee service systems.
  •  Complete the work of the wireless data and internet network (WI-FI) and its operation for the network of various medical and non-medical devices.
  •  Update the main network devices.
  •  Creating smart applications to keep pace with developments and to enable employees to perform their work easily and conveniently.
  •  Creating smart applications for service recipients (patients and reviewers).
  •  Modernizing pharmacy equipment and increasing its number, which was reflected in the reality of work in major pharmacies.

Contact info

IT Department Manager 

 En Anas Matalqa

 Tel: 027200600

 Sub: 45045

ISO 9001
ISO 22000