Department of Pediatrics

The Department of Pediatricsis concerned with pediatric diseases and includes more than 15 specialists, and the department has a distinguished (higher specialization) residency program, and it receives 6-8 residents annually through an educational and practical program for four years. The department also provides clinical skills and integrated lectures for students of human medicine at the Jordan University of Science and Technology at the level of The fourth and sixth year, in addition to providing diagnostic and therapeutic services for children and prematurity.

Department educational activities:

  •  Providing higher specialization in pediatrics, where the department receives 6-8 residents annually to participate in a comprehensive and integrated program for residency, whether from within the Kingdom or from the sisterly Arab countries (Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, ...) and these doctors are prepared distinguished in the field of Diagnosis, treatment and preparation of pediatric diseases to be able to skip the stages of the Jordanian Board or enter the fellowship and higher specialization programs.
  •  Residents participate in various scientific conferences, give lectures, listen to them, and present them in an integrated and diversified educational process. They are also qualified to take close care of children and premature birth, which makes them part of the recovery team in the hospital.
  •  The department participates in teaching fourth-year students at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Science and Technology of Jordan in the introduction or entrance to clinical pediatrics and through this introduction students learn the art of dealing with patients and how to take the pathology and make the necessary clinical examination
  •  Medical students spend 10 weeks in the fourth year and 8 weeks in the sixth year in the pediatric department, in which the student learns about common diseases and how to diagnose and treat them, through various and integrated lectures, direct clinical education, and attendance in floors, clinics and the prematurity department.
  •  A meeting with X-rays
  •  Scientific and research activities and conferences for members of the department / division (global / local / Arab)
  •  The department's specialists participate in many specialized local and international conferences, in addition to publishing scientific research in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  •  Conducting educational courses such as a newborn recovery course.
  •  A scientific day was held for the children's department in the presence of a group of child specialists from the University of Science and Technology, sister universities, medical services, the Ministry of Health and the private sector
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