Department of Natural Medicine and Rehabilitation

This department is supervised by physicians specializing in physical therapy and rehabilitation in addition to qualified technicians, as it has special halls for treating adults and children, a corner for daily life activities, and a room for splints, and the section consists of the following two divisions:

Occupational Therapy Division

 The Division, through an integrated team consisting of a rehabilitation physician, a physical therapist, a social and psychological specialist, works to rehabilitate patients with special needs who have physical disabilities, cognitive problems, and mental illnesses within their remaining abilities to reach them to the utmost levels of self-reliance in all activities of daily life, which include Self-care, eating, dressing, mobility, work and leisure.

Department of State Therapy

 The physiotherapy department is considered one of the vital departments in the hospital to meet the hospital’s needs to provide complete health care to patients and has a team of highly qualified therapists with long experience in treating various disease cases.

 Manual therapy is used in many cases, especially patients with nerves and injuries of the nervous, muscular and skeletal system, especially patients with cerebral palsy, children's deformities, and stroke, after joint transplants, fractures and sports injuries, and it is divided into three main sections:

  • Department of aerobics (gym)
  • And in it all the tools and equipment necessary to strengthen and rehabilitate the muscles of the body, such as:
  •  walking device
  •  Stationary bikes
  •  The device of parallel mirrors
  •  Weights of different weights
  •  Shoulder release device
  •  Pulleys device with weights
  •  Swiss ball
  •  A device for strengthening the quadriceps and triceps
  •  Electric standing device for adults and children

Department of Thermal Therapy

Department of Hydrotherapy

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