medical report

The hospital issues a number of medical reports,the procedures for obtaining them vary according to the entity requesting these reports, as shown below:

 Detailed medical report:

  1. This report is given upon an official request submitted by the patient, his official representative, or the legal person responsible for him.
  2. The application is submitted to the public administration office in the hospital and by the person concerned, accompanied by the official documents for identification purposes (family book + civil ID) for Jordanians or an identity document for non-Jordanians.
  3. The applicant pays the medical report fee (ten dinars), a receipt is drawn up from the finance, a copy of the receipt is attached to the application and it is delivered to the Office of Public Administration.
  4. The report is prepared according to the specified time periods.
  5. The administration office gives the medical report a number and date, and is stamped with the official seal of the reports in the office.
  6. The report is delivered to the concerned person by the hospital administration office in exchange for signature and proof of identity ،a copy of the report is sent to save it in the patient’s file, and a copy is kept with the application submitted in the administration office.
  7. If the required report pertains to a deceased, the report shall be delivered to the official authority or the first heir in exchange for presenting proof of this.

 Incoming requests from courts or the public prosecutor:

  1. The report is prepared based on a written letter from the concerned judicial authority.
  2. The report is sent to the requesting party by official mail.

Requests sent from the Social Security Corporation:

  1. The report is prepared based on a written letter from the concerned authority, with a receipt of ten dinars from the patient who reported the report.

 Coroner's report:

  1. The patient books an appointment with the concerned physician and meet him in the clinic, in order for the form sent by the coroner to be filled out directly by the treating physician.
  2. The report shall be sealed by the treating specialist to be certified and then delivered to the patient directly.

Report obtain exemption:

  1. The patient opens a file if he does not have a previous file.
  2. The patient makes a visit to the concerned clinic.
  3. The doctor prints the medical notes and the type of service required for the patient on the computerized form designated for that.
  4. The doctor seals the report.
  5. The patient submits the report to the reporting office for approval.

The forensic medical report

  1.  When the patient visits the emergency department and after classifying the case as judicial, a preliminary judicial medical report is issued for the injured according to the instructions regulating this.
ISO 9001
ISO 22000