Training Center

The Training, Development and Planning Department undertakes the following tasks:

  • Preparing an analysis study to determine the training and rehabilitation needs of hospital employees.
  • Preparing a training plan for hospital employees, circulating and implementing it.
  • Supervising the implementation of the necessary procedures for employee participation in training courses and all their internal and external activities, according to the training plan for hospital employees.
  • Coordination and supervision of field training for students of educational institutions in the hospital and their follow-up.
  • Follow up the conditions of resident doctors and internship doctors and complete their training procedures.
  • Supervising the set of job descriptions for the various jobs in the hospital.
  • Coordination with volunteers in the training field, and supervising training programs provided by experienced volunteers in coordination with the concerned authorities.

The department includes the following divisions:

  • Human Resources Training and Development Division

 concerns training employees in administrative and technical functions, supervising training plans and plans for preparing new employees to raise the level of performance and productive efficiency, following up the needs of employees and following up their evaluations, and providing studies and suggestions that would enhance and motivate workers to perform better.

  • Division of Physicians' Affairs and Student Training

 concerns following up the status of specialist doctors, resident doctors, and internship doctors, verifying their academic qualifications and licenses, following up the training of graduate students from Jordanian universities and colleges, and following up on agreements concluded with various training agencies.

In line with the vision and mission of the hospital in providing education and training services through qualified cadres, the Training and Development Department supervises the following training programs:

Training fir students enrolled in study programs from Jordanian universities and institutes and national projects.

This shall be based on a written request from the party wishing to train its students in the hospital specifying the numbers and specializations of the students to be trained, the training departments and its objectives and the time frame for the training process so that approval is obtained from the concerned authority for training and the procedures followed in this regard, provided that the Training and Development Department is provided  Evidence of taking hepatitis C vaccination when starting training.

Training of trainees in exchange for payment of fees.

Training includes, against payment of fees, all administrative and technical specialties, as part of a policy prepared for that, and in return for payment of training fees prescribed by the hospital’s board of directors, taking into account training agreements with other authorities.

ISO 9001
ISO 22000